Saving Psychotherapy

I wanted to recommend a great new book that should be must reading for anyone who cares about the psychotherapy profession. Author Benjamin Caldwell, Psy.D., has just released a book entitled Saving Psychotherapy that is certain to change the field. Caldwell presents eye-opening data about psychotherapy education and psychotherapy practice that defies conventional wisdom about the talking cure.

I believe the recommendations I offer in my Interpersonal Wisdom workshops dovetail nicely with the recommendations Caldwell makes in this ground-breaking work. We need dramatic reforms. Caldwell emphasizes what he believes individual practitioners can do to create a better profession. I do some of the same, but I also suggest systems reforms that must be stimulated by policy-makers and leaders in the helpers community.

Later this year, I hope to organize a positive disruptors conference that will feature some of the leading psychotherapy reformers. Stay tuned for that.


About Kevin Kervick

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Ordained Minister, Teacher, Mentor, Community Builder.
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