The psychotherapist

It is time that we ask the hard questions about who we are and what we do.  Health care reform is upon us.  Change is here.  How do we want to be known?  This is from my paper, Interpersonal Wisdom, the capacities and characteristics of the best talk therapists:

Let it Flow, The Philosophy of Becoming (1996).

“Whitaker the man and the teacher will continue to flow into the story of
our knowledge about human beings. His life, his thought, and his rapport
with human suffering will continue to be appreciated by new generations of
family therapists. As they grow tired of the endless models, new
approaches, and super techniques, in the end, they will yearn to find human
beings and their qualities in the real world and not in the microscope.
Whitaker’s legacy will be revealed even by those who kept their distance
during his lifetime, labeling him as “bizarre” and “irrational.” Carl was
a pioneer in family therapy, a giant, who did not allow himself to be
seduced into creating a myth around his personality. He died without any
official disciples, but he trained a multitude of therapists around the
world, sometimes unbeknownst to them, with the power of integrity and
coherence. He taught us more about life than about techniques. He taught
us about the search for ourselves and our own spiritual essence, through
the experience of suffering and solitude.

More soon…


About Kevin Kervick

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Ordained Minister, Teacher, Mentor, Community Builder.
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